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When stretching a splits is it ok to put the knee of the back leg on the floor or is that bad??

by admin on November 21, 2009

yes or no is good enough. any form of details would be appreciated :D

My legs just around strong enough to hold me up (I can’t go all the way down yet), and stay straight! I could work on it though. Answers please?
"around"? O.o

sorry, i mean "aren’t". lol
Also, how possible to do you it is for a 15-yr-old to get the flexibility of a 7-yr-old? (which is VERY flexible!)

Yes you have to put your back knee on the ground. Unless you are just wanting to sit in a "semi i don’t feel like trying" kind of split. You have to keep your hips square and your legs turned out. (that means front knee UP and back knee down)

Look at these people’s splits:


These two pictures the correct way to do a split.

Leg Stretches

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