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What warm ups do you do before stretching (to become flexible enough to do the splits)?

by admin on November 21, 2009

I thought stretching was a form of warming up, but I read on this site that you have to do warm ups before you do the stretching that will make you flexible enough to do the splits.

What types of warm up are you supposed to do?

Basically the warm up is just that: warms the muscles and prepares them for work, a Warm-up is slow movement warming up the muscles.

Stand up, start moving slowly, maybe put on a very slow song if you have to – to keep with a beat, while walking in place bring your arms up over your head and back down a few times, breathe properly so the oxygen reaches your muscles. After you’ve done the arms 8 times you want to bring them up and stretch to the ceiling this time, don’t strain or try to grab the ceiling light like your life depends on it just stretch the muscles and breath – count to 4 then release the stretch. Repeat 8 times. Then you can start your leg stretches while standing then you can do leg stretches while sitting. The standard count is 8 but you can do more or less depending on your ability.
There are different ways to stretch different muscles and there are so many for the legs. If you are not familiar with the different muscle stretches I recommend any workout video just to familiarize yourself with them, then you can go on your own.

Leg Stretches

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