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What stretches are beneficial in achieving the side splits?

by admin on December 12, 2009

I am pretty flexible, but I cannot do the side splits. What stretches are helpful in achieving the splits? (please be precise to how, how long, etc.)

Well im in dance and we switch to a different position(stretch) every 8th count. So for every 8 seconds hold a lunge left and right for as deep as you can get it, do a squat but with your torso kinda leaned forward and your legs square like the side of a box(your knees) and push in your inner thighs, do a butterfly where you sit down all the way on your butt than put your feet together by the bottoms than pull them in as far as you can to you with your feet glued together(not literally lol) than oush your knees down as far as you can, do hamstring stretches like stand up with your legs a little farther than shoulder width apart than turn facing the side(your feet should be pointing with you) than reach down to your toes, and obvously just standingstraight forward with your glued together and knees locked(actually, for the side ways one, knees should be locked too).

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