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what muscle or part of leg is supposed to be stretched when doing the middle splits?

by admin on December 2, 2009

I’ve have been practicing the splits and it always hurts me in the back of my knee and i dont think that is right. If it isnt right i need to know how to stretch in the splits the correct way.

When doing the middle splits, you can stretch them in two ways. You can sit completely on your butt and open your legs as far as they will go and lean forward. Most likely you won’t have a complete middle split, but if you keep stretching you can get it. Also you can stretch it by doing the same position but lean onto your elbows so your butt is off the ground and you in the air. This will hurt more but gravity wil push your split further.
As to why your knees hurt, I have no idea why they are hurting. When you do midle split, you should feel and hamstring stretch throughout your inner thighs and hips. Your knees may be hurting because you are stretching too far, or your legs are turned in. Make sure your knees are facing the roof or, if possible, the back wall. Never turn them in.
Good luck! :-)

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