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Stretching my splits?

by admin on May 26, 2010

Ok, so i have all of my splits. The thing is…i have to stretch to get them every time! i know that sounds stupid..but some of my friends can just go right into their splits without even stretching! is there any stretch i can do to help me do that? some people told me to just fall asleep while in my splits….but that sounds…not comfortable. any ideas? thank you!

stretching before doing the splits is smart. if they just og into them right away they can hurt themselves.
But if you really want to do what they do, put 2-4 pillows on the floor -stretch- put your front leg on them and let the back one slide back, this makes you go into a really deep split and soon your muscles will be ok waith doing the split at any time. of course you need to sit in your splits every day for like 5 minutes each leg and them 10 minutes in you centre split

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