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Stretches for the splits

by admin on October 10, 2006

I’ll probably upload a video later with audio, which fully explains in detail how to do the stretches..

These are what i do for my splits. Ignore my hand motions i was trying to explain stuff with them..like where u should feel the stretch but i realised after that they were pointless.

Important thing to note: MAKE SURE YOU WARM UP BEFORE YOU STRETCH!..
you shouldnt stretch unless you are fully warmed up. If you want some ideas on how to warm up, and how long you think you should warm up etc..just ask as i can either upload a video with it, or give you some advice.

I Dont know everything, so if you want to offer some advice to me..go for it :)

also if youd put in requests please message me them again as i cant remember all of them..

uhmm yea..any other questions just ask..:)

Duration : 0:4:19

Leg Stretches

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