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Leg Splits Stretching?

by admin on August 20, 2010

Hey Everyone.
I Need Some Stretches To Do To Be Able To Do The Splits, Which Should Make My Head Kicks Much Higher And Faster, I’m Not Far Off The Floor While Doing The Splits, But I Want To Get All The Way Down, So Any Gymnasts, Please Give Some Stretching Ideas. Thanks

Actually, doing the splits is extremely unlikely to help with your high kick. That’s because there are two separate types of stretches the body can perform. Plastic stretches, like the splits, stretch the red tendons which stretch and recover slowly. Doing static stretches will help you develop your plastic flexibility to perform deeper, longer stances, but is not going to be very helpful in your goal to kick higher.

Kicking requires elastic flexibility, which is found in the white tendons. This is the same type of flexibility that makes your strikes faster. Dynamic movements are best for developing elastic flexibility. If you want to kick higher, focus on target training. Do partner drills with a focus mitt, having your partner move the mitt a bit higher after each strike. It will take some time, but if you’re practicing martial arts being able to kick head level is a fundamental skill. Hope this helps!

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