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I’ve been stretching splits every day, but i’m not getting very flexible?

by admin on November 22, 2009

okay, i’m getting a tiny bit more flexible, but i’m getting such slow progress! i want to be able to do a heel stretch (for cheer) but i’ve been stretching for a month and i’m still not halfway where i want to be. i stretch every single night, (splits) but how come i’m not getting very flexible?!

also, i was just wondering why one day ill manage to get my splits all the way down, and the next day they will not be all the way down???

anyone know anything about muscles & tendons & ligaments & stuff? haha.

Ok…some people are naturally flexible (i’m sure there is at least 1 on your cheer squad, and you probably wanna kill her for it :-). However, many people need to work up to being more flexible.
You are on the right track as far as stretching your splits every night.
How long are you holding the stretch. In order to see real results you need to hold each split for at least 90 seconds. Also, you need to stretch your center splits as well. This helps lengthen you ligaments all around your hip joint.
A heel stretch is more of a center straddle position than a side spit position. Sit on the floor and straddle. Stretch from side to side and the middle. With flexed and pointed feet. Have someone push you gently further into your stretches. And again hold for 90 seconds.
There are many reasons you are more flexible some days an not others. The weather, the time of day, how hydrated you are, what types off food you ate the day before, how much sleep you got. There are sooooo many factors, it’s just easier to accept that you are more flexible some days than others. There is really nothing you can do to change it. Sorry!!!

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