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How to learn the splits

by admin on December 22, 2009

How to learn and get your splits!
Sorry if its kinda hard to hear me. Basically, all I’m saying is:
Hi this is an how to video on how to get your splits.
First stretch. I’m going fast [cause really i would take about 15 or 20 mins to stretch but i already did and i wanted to go quickly for you guys otherwise this video would be really boring haha].
Then I get into a split position [you don't have to be all the way down] and all I’m doing is tightening my legs and using them to push me upward. You do this in either the regular splits or in the straddle. I did this about 20 times the first time I did this exercise but depending on how close you are to your splits do five at at a time, and check your progress, and stretch in between if you want. This is probably the best exercise to help you get your splits.
And remember, if you get your splits the first day after trying these exercises and stretches great but if you don’t, don’t be depressed, it’s totally okay. I got mine after trying this upward exercise but I tried to stretch and get splits long before that. And everyone’s different. This will hopefully work well for you, but I’ll eventually put another video up with more stretches and exercises. But I hope this works for you. Remember and don’t forget that determination is the key and practice makes perfect!

Duration : 0:4:2

Leg Stretches

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