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How to go into the splits without stretching first?

by admin on December 3, 2009

First off, I can do the splits. I wouldn’t just attempt to do them without stretching.. cause that would be just silly.

People who can do the splits, just go down into them without stretching first. I can’t do that, (I only got my splits the other day however) and I REALLY want to be able to do it! (It’s a lot more convient when you want to show off, ha ha) So I was just wondering what I should do to be able to get that.
I was thinking maybe just keep stretching so you get more and more flexible..?

Also, my legs are so so sore.
From doing the splits, and doing a workout with sore legs anyway which is probably the main cause of the pain today. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I had to, it wasn’t optional (stupid school.)
I tried ice striaght after it started hurting yesterday, then heat, then ibroprofen, and more heat, and they still hurt.

So any tips for both would be very much appreciated,
Thanks =) x

I wish I could do the splits. I’ve been in martial arts for close to 20 years and still can do a full split. I’ve learned to compensate.

So back to your question. Your muscles should be warmed up before trying to do the splits. Some people stretch in order to warm up their leg muscles but stretching isn’t the only thing you can do. Any kind of activity that uses the same muscles can be used as a warm-up. For example, some light running in place or jumping jacks might also be effective. So might leg lifts, especially leg lifts to the side.

There are some people that are so flexible, they can drop right down into the splits without warming up. However, that’s not the norm. Most of us need to get the muscles warmed up and blood flowing first.

The second part of your question dealt with soreness. The best treatment I’ve found for soreness is to first try to prevent it by warming up before you engage in whatever activity you’re doing.

If that isn’t enough, or if you’re not allow to warm up properly (because of stupid school, for example), then your muscles will probably be sore the next day. This is usually the result of micro-tears in the muscle tissue, also known as muscle strain.

If it’s serious (major sharp pain, not being able to move the muscle, etc), then see a doctor. But if it’s just soreness, you can treat it at home.

First, take something to reduce the inflammation. Aspirin or ibuprofen are good. Second, use the RICE treatment:

R – Rest the muscle
I – use Ice packs to reduce any swelling (15 min on, 15 min off)
C – use light Compression, like an Ace elastic bandage
E – keep the limb Elevated

All of the above are designed to reduce any swelling and/or inflammation caused by the muscle tears. The soreness should go away or be significantly reduced after 2-3 days. If it doesn’t, you should probably see a doctor.

Hope this helps!

The Balanced Health Guy
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and
Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA)

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