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How to do side splits? What stretches can I do to speed up the process?

by admin on November 28, 2009

I get down to 29cm 11in, crotch to ground, but then it kind of just stays there. I’m fine with front splits, like both legs, but just the side one. I do a little bit of stretching during my workout, so I’m not stretching on cold muscle or anything. Also do I have to stretch EVERY day, or can I just do it every other day?

i’m assuming you mean center splits, not right or left, so i’m going to answer based on center splits. my center splits weren’t the greatest so i decided to stretch every single day, a full on stretch like you would do at practice. then i would do my center splits and hold for about 30sec-1min and sit down. i would give myself a 10 sec break and then push myself back into them.
i would suggest having anyone push down on you. it’s a very easy way to get hurt. just keep stretching every single day.
this video will also help you become more flexible:

hope this helped!! good luck! :)

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