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How long should I stretch my splits?

by admin on November 28, 2009

I really need to get all of my splits down! I usually hold each side for 2 minutes, do some other stretches, and then go back and hold each side for 2 minutes again. I know a lot of people that sit in them for like a half an hour! I have a really short attention span and I start getting really bored. It also hurts a ton!

Back in my cheerleading days we used to have to sit in them for half an hour, a couple times we’d even had our coaches come and sit on our backs for a minute (yes I know this sounds like abuse, I am not recommending it!)

I would just say to do it for as long as you can tolerate it, try to do it while you watch tv or work on homework. Work on your center splits too, that will help both sides.

Other basic stretching (standing or on the floor) will also help overall.

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