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Help me with stretching for the splits?!?

by admin on April 8, 2010

Help me with stretching for the splits?!?
me and my friend are trying to do the splits for this dance routine but while shes getting closer im failing…
Do you have any tips or special stretches i could try because i really want to do them or i will have to drop out of the routine… D:
please help me.
By the way i am really not flexable

the best stretch that worked for me is definatley the lunge, it really does help, but you have to do it lots and lots , just do it all the time wherever you are, and also when u start getting lower you should try just sitting in the splits, watch telly while sitting in the splits, or sit in the splits during the adverts or commercials, it will hurt but this will tell you your muscles are stretching. just time yourself to see how long you can sit in the splits and try to keep increasing the amount of time you can sit in them, eventualy you will start to see an improvement and you will start getting lower. if you want to catch up with your friend why dont you practice until you’re the same or lower than your friend and share with her what stretches you do. maybe even stretch togethor :) good luck xxx

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