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Fitness Lesson #16: Split and Stretch Training Review (2009 Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu)

by admin on January 12, 2010

I had made a prior video with my disciple Aaron Manning showing various stretches. Here I am making another video as a reminder also in case anything was forgotten, plus I am showing a few standing stretches at the end. Remember each stretch must be held a minimal of 30 seconds. I am going through every stretch very fast for demonstration purposes only. If you hold each stretch for 30 seconds you will end up stretching for a minimal of 20 minutes. If you want to become more flexible do multiple sets for each stretch that you feel you need work on.

Freddie has founded Freddies Modern Kung Fu in 2009, a private Martial Arts Academy located in Chicago, IL that expresses his interpretation of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do. This art is non-commercialized and is in its purest form. All techniques are scientifically proven to be effective and all techniques are aimed towards unarmed street survival combat. Freddie hand selects disciples to personally train that have the proper discipline and compassionate heart to become successful in this art. Freddie can be contacted via email at: FreddiesModernKungFu@live.com

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Duration : 0:8:49

Leg Stretches

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