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Does anyone know any splits stretches that really work?

by admin on November 28, 2009

I knew how to do the splits but I haven’t been doing them that often so I’m not that used to it anymore. Any specific stretches on how to keep my splits looking great as before?

try over splits
im serious it helps u go down farther in the splits
find and are like a sofa or a stair step and put one foot ontop of it and the other foot behind you so like your in the splits only your front foot is on a raised surface
stay in it for like a minute then start reacheach towards your foot with your hands and bending your head so it is above or reasting on your knee
hold this stage for another minute
then just try coming up again and puutting your hands up to your sides so you are kinda balancing

that is what we did in dance
you can also try6 oclock in to split
so u lay on your back and bring your leg toward your face as far as it can go hold this for just about 30 seconds then roll over so you kinda land in the splits

these work,trust me

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