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After I started stretching for the side splits when I get up from sitting my inner thighs pop. What’s wrong?

by admin on December 1, 2009

It really hurts…and it happens almost everytime after sitting down for a while…why is this happening? Do some people not have the right bone structure for side splits?

You may have stretched too hard in a short period of time. Like anything, it takes time and the best is to go slowly and a little at a time to avoid injury. Take a break a couple of days and if it continues for over a week, have it checked by a doctor. Unless there is a birth abnormality, anyone could potentially train for the splits. It’s of course not really "normal" human position but with proper technique and stretching it is possible for most people. I had a similar experience with my right hip joint, for awhile it had an awkward feeling and felt a little off position when I used to stretch for gymnastics. Even today my right hip joint feels "looser" than my left, but there is no pain.

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