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What martial art is best suited for someone with my physique?

by admin on November 27, 2009

I’m trying to find a martial art that best suits someone like me. I done a little bit of different martial arts here and there while I was a younger, but one thing I noticed is that my agility is pretty bad. I’m ok with frontal kicks, but when I do them from a side stance I have a hard time. I’ve always had difficulty lifting and stretching my legs to the side. The way I’ve always been build do to my genetics is as a thick beef-cake kind of guy (I’m strong but not ripped), I’m 5’7", and I would say my arm or leg reach is that great as for something like kickboxing.
For those who are more experienced with martial arts, is there one out there that’s suited for someone like me? Or since I’m not a thin, lightweight, and agile guy, I should just forget about martial arts altogether?

Try Ju jitsu or akido. They are more grappling martial arts and locks. Which would suite you better. Also if you stretch consistently your flexabily will get better.

Leg Stretches

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