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What is the best asian martial art for me?

by admin on December 11, 2009

I am around 6 feet tall and will be larger, long legs and long arms.
I also weigh 150 pounds+ strong and aggressive,
im looking for an aggressive/offensive martial art that uses what i have to the best advantage.
im looking for a martial art that uses alot of punching with not alot of kicking. i would like to learn a martial art that i can use from a distance, keeping my opponent from coming near me.

I wish to learn this martial art to stretch my potential, stay moderately healthy, yet be able to protect myself if the situation ever arose. thank you for your opinions

your size, height, weight, etc has nothing to do with the style you choose

The is no best style. find the one with the better instructor, the 2 things that matter is your instructor and how you train
All Martial arts have there pro’s and con’s
If there was a best style, we would all be doing it. Every military in the world would be doing the same one. But they don’t they all have there own.
Most people on here will only tell you the style they have trained in, or what they hear is good. They have little experience

Leg Stretches

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