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Stretches For Mixed Martial Arts?

by admin on March 21, 2010

I’m taking MMA soon, and i was wondering what stretches (how long for each also) are good to prepare for doing MMA, like for high leg kicks, etc… I want to know legit stretches from a legitimate source, not just stretches people think would be good, thanks

You want to make sure your posterior chain especially has been warmed-up up and stretched before training. This includes your hamstring. lower back, and interior thigh (adductor) muscles. Poor flexibility in any of these muscles for instance can lead to a torn meniscus on the posted leg when throwing a high leg kick. A great stretch for the leg adductors starts out standing with feet together then walking feet out to side like you’re doing a split until you feel mild discomfort. Hold that for 15 seconds then lean over with head up and palms to the ground and hold again for 15 seconds. With feet in same place, bring your torso upright then walk legs out to side a little further and repeat the stretches. Now SLOWLY walk feet together until they are touching side by side with you standing upright. Then bend over with head up and looking forward, legs straight, bringing palms down to floor. Do this twice holding for 15 seconds each time. Also, it is important to stretch after doing a total body warm-up like running and mat rolls. The MMA gym you go to will most likely have you do this. Good luck.

Leg Stretches

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