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my lower back hurts whenever i sit or bend over etc i train mixed martial arts but why does it hurt, any help?

by admin on November 27, 2009

i been having this pain for a week and i thought it might go away but it hasnt. i know the reason it hurts and that because i train mixed martials arts and lately i been doing high kicks but i dough thats the reason or how did i hurt myself by doing that.

please help me in anyway. like what stretches should i do or should i put like icy hot or would it go away in a while

1) STOP whatever you are doing
2) give your back a break ( reduce your training or change your training method like focus on punches without putting effort on kicks and ground fights and falling. (you propably need to enhance you falling technique and practice on a MAT.
3) lay in a HOT tub for 20 minutes or so
4) See a doctor and ask if you can get massage.
BACK pain can mean alot of things. CHECK WITH A DOCTOR.

Hope you feel better soon

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