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Martial arts stretching help?

by admin on September 10, 2010

I am looking to go into Martial Arts in the future (very likely next year). I want to start doing things now to prepare and to get a head start on things. I currently don’t have the time to go to classes, so I want to do it on my own. I currently play soccer, and run distance and sprints, so I have a strong (although not super flexible) lower body.

Questions I have:

1) I have relatively scrawny and weak arms. Should I do weight training to build my near nonexistent upper body strength? (I am 6 foot 3 155 pounds, I would say most of my strength comes from my size)

2) What stretches can I do to make me be able to hold my leg up in the air STRAIGHT when I do a kick or something? Right now I can momentarily make my leg straight (as it goes up and extends) but then it bends at the knee.

3) What stretches can I do that will help me be able to do a front and side split?

4) What is there that I can do to increase my hand-eye coordination and hand speed?

Any help at all is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!!

1. Bigger muscles doesn’t mean that you can stretch more. However, I do recommend a little weight lifrting- there is nothing wrong with being able to hit harder, right?

2. Practise. Start at a lower height (like, just don’t start by trying to pull your leg up to your head level and trying to hold it there- rather, start by lifting it to your waist level, holding it for a few times like that before going a little higher)

3. I can’t do a full split yet but for side split I usually just try to touch my toes and that worked, being able to touch further and further.

4. Bouncing a ball of a wall and catching it. (I know it sounds silly lol!)

Leg Stretches

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