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Martial Arts……………..?

by admin on June 29, 2010

-How long does it take a K.Oed dude to wake up after getting knocked out…?
-Is jaw the most sensitive part when it comes to knock-out’ing someone(muscled, fat, thin,etc)?
-How fast and heavy should my fist when it strikes the jaw so that i can knock out?
-What can i do to make my punches and kicks stronger?
-important stretches so that i can avoid injury during fight?
-what type of punch is the most effective for KO? straight? hook? uppercat?

I just wanna be prepared because anytime anywhere i can get into fight and i dont want
that someone will get heavily damaged, got sliced or something….

1. In this case there is no real single answer. A lot of it depends on the power in the strike causing the knockout, as well as the brain chemistry and even skull density of the recipient.

2. The jaw itself is not the point that is weak. There is a nerve cluster within the face on the inside of the mandible(lower jaw)that connects directly to the cerebral cortex. Shocking this nerve cluster causing unconsciousness. The most effective way to strike this nerve cluster is with a punch to the jaw.

3. Speed and power are both the product of proper technique, balance, and conditioning.

4. Technique building and conditioning of the muscles is the best way to develop more effective striking.

5. Well, if this is a sactioned match, then I would recommend splits, chinese splits, as well as any other stretch working the pelvis/legs. Stretching the shoulders/neck/back are important as well. If its not sanctioned, stretching is pointless, rely on techniques that work without it.

6. Anything that lands flush can KO an opponent. I’ve seen jabs KO before. Strike for the jaw for an almost guaranteed KO agains t an average Joe. Prepare to have to hit it multiple times against a trained fighter.

On the whole, most Martial Arts can give you what you are looking for here. Train smart and hard, with your plan for your training in hand and you’ll be as skilled as you want to be in no time! Good Luck.

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