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Is stretching for splits and kicks much harder when you are older?

by admin on November 26, 2009

Hi, does anyone know if it is harder to stretch for splits and martial art kicks when you are older? I am starting at the age of 23, will I struggle much more than a child? Will I ever be able to do the splits if my legs seem really un-agile? Also, would alcohol make stretching progress slower? Alcohol allows me to push the pain fresh-hold.


Hi there

Not at your age. You should be OK. I first started training at 17 and was able to do the box splits from when i was about 24 if my memory serves me well. 10 years on and i can still do them. I can’t just drop into them anymore and it normally takes me a couple of minutes but its still there. The secret to any stretching is daily routine.

You need to stretch your hamstring muscles as well as the supporting muscle groups around your hip joints. Practice stretching everyday for 5 minutes and incorporate 3 or 4 exercises that stretch these muscle groups.

Some people say not everyone is capable of doing the splits because of the way their pelvis is formed. Not sure if there’s any truth in that to be honest. All i can tell you is that with the correct exercises done everyday for 5 minutes it should take you roughly somewhere between 2 to 3 months to be able to do them. The last 6 inchs from the ground is the hardest part. It seems to take forever! ;-)

Stretching should only feel uncomfortable and never painful and controlled relaxed breathing helps you to stretch more. There’s no gimmicks to stretching just put the time in with a good routine that’s all you need.

Best wishes


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