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Im trying to do the splits for martial arts and my hip joints feel inflamed?

by admin on February 7, 2010

Everytime i stretch, my hip joints hurt i am trying to do the side splits, but i only spread my legs apart and they hurt. im not even trying to do the actual splits yet. and its been a few weeks and they still hurt if i move my legs as far as they can go they start to hurt everytime. has this happened to anyone? what should i do? am i messing up my ligaments.

There are a few things that can be going on with your hips, and for the record, nobody here can properly diagnose any medical ailment. All we can do is speculate on your condition with the given symptoms.

The first question I have is: What physical activities have you been doing these past few weeks?

Your hip joints could quite possibly be inflamed (your tendons). That generally results from overexertion, and if you haven’t given yourself time to rest and heal from the inflammation it will remain for a long time. The normal rate for inflamed tendons to heal is roughly a week.

The next question would be: How are you stretching, how much are you pushing yourself?

If you strain yourself until the point of pain then you will be damaging yourself. You will cause tearing and that will cause pain.

The next question is: How is the pain, is it sharp, is it dull, does it linger or is it short?

The type of pain you are having can tell a good bit of what you might have as far as issues.

-Don’t stretch for a while, don’t do any strenuous activities and see how you feel in a week’s time.) It is unintelligent to continue to strain your body when it already is in pain. You will not make it better by damaging it in that way.

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