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i wanna learn how to do martial arts at home?

by admin on September 25, 2010

I know this might sound stupid but i do 200 sit ups and 80 press ups every single day (more than a year now-started gradually) + stretches. I want to know an easy more natural way of learning martial arts and increasing my punch speed and power. I want trust able methods of training myself. Any martial arts teachers out there of any arts e.g. taekwondo, judo karate, ju jitsu etc. answers would be appreciated.

Your conditioning seems quite good but I’m sorry you can’t teach yourself martial arts via tips over the internet you need to start training at a club of some kind no matter what style it is, the best kind of training for martial arts is live sparring and you can’t do that at home even with a friend and safety gear you need to go to a proper club where you can learn the techniques properly from an instructor, have someone their to help you condition yourself and motivate you to keep training harder and harder but in a safe environment(granted if ever in a street confrontation you won’t have that but you should try and avoid being badly injured while training), the only way you could ever come close to being able to learn martial arts at home is inviting an instructor to come to your house where they could charge any amount of money for a private lesson that lasts an hour or less,but if you go to a club once or twice a week on the days you don’t train ask a fellow student who you’ve gotten to know, a more advanced student hopefully, over to help drill techniques with you that you went over in class that week and because they know safer ways to train and spar you won’t be in as much of a dangerous training environment as you would be if training with an inexperienced friend

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