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I need some advise with stretching and kicking for martial arts, can anyone help?

by admin on December 18, 2009

I used to do martial arts when I was little, but lately I’ve found that I lack the leg flexibility that I used to, and now my kicks look really sloppy, and really lack some of the explosive power I used to have.

I’m still really young 22. But, its like I’m having a REALLY hard time with my left leg roundhouse kick. And, an EVEN WORSE time with my left leg side kick.

For some reason I can’t really control my left leg side kick, I can’t seem preform the kick the right way with that leg. I’m unable to strike with the blade of the foot, when I try to do it my foot just goes sorta flat, sorta side ways, but sorta diagonal with my toes kinda pointed up, and its like I can’t really control it the way I can with the right.

I believe my lack of flexibility is a MAJOR factor. Does any one know any good leg stretches that I can do every day to improve my kicks, so that I can kick higher, and gain better control ???

Does anyone know what specific muscles are utilized with these kicks, and know how to develop their flexibility, and what I can do to improve my coordination, especially with the left leg.

I would REALLY appreciate a stretching routine that could be used to improve my martial arts kicking ability. Something that I could just do everyday.

Thank you!!!


apologies in advance for sounding like a salesman. there is a really effective set of dvds you should look into. they are inexpensive and they work really really well.

got to rmaxinternational.com and look for:

intuflow (intuitive flow) this is the basic joint mobility program. this will ensure basic understanding of body movements and basic joint health.

flowfit 1 this is the basic bodyweight workout. it concentrates on moving through ranges of motion and increases understanding of body movements.

freedom of movement: this program, while not kicking per se, was created specifically to develop kicking ability and control.

at first, it will not appear as if they are helping with your kicking… just wait a little while. the difference will be astounding. this combination of programs will assist you with developing balance, flexibility, strength, sensitivity, speed and endurance. with consistent practice, you will increase your ability quite rapidly.

hopefully this helps!


Leg Stretches

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