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How to improve my performance in martial arts?

by admin on November 23, 2009

I’ve noticed lately that I can’t really kick high and strong enough when I’m practicing martial arts, maybe because my leg flexibility is very poor.

So I’d like to know how to improve this. Should I just focus on doing stretches every day? Is there any other exercise I should do?
Need to train for kumite (not for real fights) so I really need to reach higher grounds with my kicks.

First stretch, then stretch even more by swinging ( not kicking ) your leg up as high as you can. It may hurt but its good. Now try kick and only try high kicks fast and swiftly without tripping or falling down.

Once you do that stretch one more time (not that much)

You should be able to kick higher but remember to kick swiftly, not doing so will just make it weak and will also may make you lose your balance.

Leg Stretches

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