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How many feel that doing Calisthenics before martial arts is a waste of class time?

by admin on November 24, 2009

Not stretching out or drills — but jumping jacks, push-ups, scissor kicks, etc.?
Warm-ups are fine. But do they have to be calisthenics? Or can they be martial art related? After stretching, do drills, kata, etc. instead of push-ups or chin-ups?

i fell helps with endurance among other things, it part of their training.
beside my class prefers calisthenics over sitting in seiza and meditating for an hour. can’t image why they dont like seiza it could be worst we could meditate in tata hiza. there luck we have mats to do seiza and they can even do that for 10 minutes. on i had to do that on a wood floor for an hour. dam too much luxury if you ask me.

Leg Stretches

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