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How can I stretch for martial arts?

by admin on December 31, 2009

I am currently 20 years old.

I used to play Taekwondu when I was 10 years old until 15, I got the red belt, now I am thinking of going back to it, I tried to practice some of the kicks and I found out that I suck!!! I cannot perform a double kick anymore, I jump and kick but my leg does not go above my height. And the side and round kicks are nightmare, I suck so bad, how can I stretch for it?
Stfu you idiot. I was much shorter then, and I used to move my legs a lot so I didn’t bother stretching that much. You dum troll, go back to your mom.

The main stretch to do would be the spilts.
Try just standing up and keep your legs locked and swing one up as high as you can. Doing this will increase your stretch.

Leg Stretches


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