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How can I keep long hair tied neatly for martial arts training?

by admin on November 24, 2009

Does anyone know how I might keep my hair tied in way as to minimize it’s volume and prevent it from coming undone?

It is approximately shoulder length and gathers in thick, curly strands. When I wash it I generally untangle it first, then let it air-dry afterwards. I’m not in the habit of tampering with it much afterwards, as it always comes out best this way.

I study Genbukan Ninpou, a martial art with extensive acrobatics including cartwheels, rolls or flips to avoid locks.

The last time I trained was before the winter, when my hair was not at a sufficient length to cause trouble. But now that it is, I would rather learn to deal with it appropriately other than to cut some of it. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it can’t be a distraction to either myself or my partner.

Also, the hair near my face is not long enough to be tied back, but does stretch past my ears.

I plan to enjoy it at it’s full length when I’m not training. Plus, this hair is part of my soul, you see. :p

All good ideas, but, since I have long hair and experience alot of the same problems that you do, here’s how I have combatted the problem in the ring and the cage: ponytail at base of neck with regular hairtie, then use the plastic bands every inch to keep that in a tight tail. It’ll fall right down your back and, unless your opponent decides to cheat, they can’t claim it was ever in their way because it is stiff enough it won’t come over the shoulder, and it always returns right back to your back.

I used this in all of my ring fights and in my last cage fight. The kickboxing matches I was always getting hassled, the judges tried to tell me that it was part of the rules, no long hair. Thankfully, I carried a TAKA handbook with me everytime I went to a fight and would pop it out to show them that as long as it was "controlled and did not present a distraction (no unnatural colors, adornments or accessories)", that I was within the rules. regardless, I’ve found alot of people do not like fighting against someone with long hair because it offers too much of a temptation to pull on, especially in contact sports.

Regardless, I hope you find a way to keep the hair and continue training, because I feel you on the "part of my soul". I don’t cut my hair for anyone anymore, not since I got out of the Army.

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