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Do you think praticing martial arts at home is a good idea?

by admin on September 21, 2010

Yup well i like to use my feet alot and i can kick pretty high. i stretch alot to. Dojo’s are like really far from were i live so i was wondering what if i could just stick to what i see on youtube tutorials and pratice on my wave master. Good ? yes :D?

It is not possible to learn good martial arts without a qualified instructor. You need someone to not only teach you, but to correct you. Even if you could learn effectively at home, youtube has some of the worst videos I’ve ever seen on martial arts. While I have seen some good ones, most are utter trash, done by people that should be embarrassed to post evidence of their ignorance for the world to see.

Find a good instructor. If not you will only build bad habits. Bad habits can get you killed. If you start training in a proper school, you will spend more time trying to get rid of the bad habits, than you would to learn things correctly the first time.

No one has ever taught themselves good self-defense by themselves. Many have come to me claiming that they did, but were embarrassed quickly by beginners with only a few months of correct training.

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