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Do you teach or learn about Diet, Flexibility, Cardio, Strength, etc. in your Martial Arts School?

by admin on December 11, 2009

I was wondering how many students and teachers actually address the non-combat / self defense aspects of physical health in their dojo or gym. I have never seen this in any of the schools I have attended or visited. Most of them go through stretches but don’t teach about stretching. They do some Cardio, but don’t explain how cardiovascular health is achieved. You get the idea. So I guess I’m wondering if there are real martial arts schools out there that have a whole-body fitness approach.
wow – McDojo? That’s venomous. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a complete wholistic view of health, including self defense?

well in my gym my instuctor makes me (he watches me and makes sure i do it correct) stretch for the first 20 minets and as of diet my wrestling coaches are very strict, my MMA instructor isnt as strict but my wrestling coach goes crazy is he hears that i drink a coke or a candy bar or anything like that. and as far as cardio yes, my instuctor finishes every lesson and practice with a fast mile (we try to beat our best times) and after that we jog for 2 miles and then we strech again. and as far as strength every one of my coaches and instuctors are very big on strength and resistence training. so to answer ur question yes many schools do focus on the non combat aspect of MA’s and they do focus on the wellbeing and healthy lifestyle that MA should bring u, but we also do alot of mat training and self defence. but there are alot of dojos and gyms that sidestep that because alot of dumbasses out there think that they will be cool if they learn a little boxing and how to do an armbar… so alot of gyms saw this and started to eliminate that complete aspect of what a real MA school/dojo/gym is and now its a real shame because theyre are more schools that focus more like a "fight club" then an actual MA studio/gym/dojo

and really my gym isnt a lot of money its a cool place that is focused more on the well being and the technique of MMA as opposed to the crappy gyms that cost a fortune to go to and dont help u get in shape but teach u how to do a few moves so that u can show off to ur friends.

the key to finding a gym like this is to go to every gym to can find (as friends, search google, search the phone book, do whatever it takes) because alot of the good gyms arent really big on advertising.. but go to alot of gyms and ask if u may watch a lesson and if they look like a good fit for what ur looking for then ask some of the students there about what they think and ask the questions that concern u about the gym… because more time then not the instuctors are only looking to make a quick buck, so ask someone who it wont effect if u go there or not. I hope i answered ur questions

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