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Could you recommend me some manuals of stretching for a martial art purpose?

by admin on November 21, 2009

I’m interested in a complete guide that explains how to stretch properly for beginners and experts! thanks!

Like all physical sciences (well, philological sciences that is) what is the best now, isn’t always the best 10 years down the road after new studies have been done. Stretching is certainly one of those areas where the scientific data changes regularly enough that at some point you hae to say – screw it, I’ll just pick a method that seems to work for me.

I said screw it when I found this site:


It’s useful, goes into far more detail than I ever wanted it to, and is relatively easy to follow. If that’s not what you are looking for – you may at least be interested in the Index at the end – which shows a really long list of references.

Leg Stretches

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