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Besides Capoeira, what martial arts could one do to help with their breakdancing???

by admin on November 24, 2009

I know that a pretty wierd question, but I do enjoy martial arts and I’m somewhat progressing in breakdancing/tricking etc.
Just wondering what martial arts help those with balance and stretching needed to perform breakdancing. I suppose mostly all martial arts can help and I have wing chun in mind. But obviously muay thai or BJJ is going to be the most effective.
Plus, I live in Oklahoma so I don’t have a huge amount of options.

Try Silat Harimau…. :) Here’s a video to check out! Supposedly it’s really big in the Netherlands. A friend recently lead me to these videos, which are quite interesting, and definitely dancelike. These are 2-man sets.

Leg Stretches

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