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Are there any good Food supplements for Martial Arts Flexibility and general Training? ?

by admin on November 25, 2009

I work 8 hours a day in a warehouse doing quite physical activity (lifting boxes the whole time) and I feel quite fatigued during my Karate classes and also during stretching. I’m not getting great results because I always feel tired. I have started some vitamin supplements (Centrum) and I have found some more energy and am Considering a Protein Shake Any ideas welcome.

Hi there,

During and after your work you should be having a 50/50 Protein/Carb mix for energy and muscle recovery.

Pre training you need an energy boost of high carbs, even a handfull of jellybeans will do. Or you could try a micronised creatine ester stack, it’s effectiveness will depend on your body’s natural levels of creatine.

A more extreme alternative is nitric oxide however, be very cautious with this product and follow directions to the letter.

For general physical well being, Glucosamine is great for your joints, a must for any sports person or hard worker.

Also Magnesium, great for prevention of cramps.

Hope I could be of some help.

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