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witch type of leg stretching machine is better wheel / handle?

by admin on December 22, 2009

Well i hated to do it but I had to finnally throw my old leg stretcher away it was the kind with the hydrolic lift pump, it sprung a leak and had to go, because i couldnt find another pump to fit it properly. but heres the question???
witch type of machine so i go with now the one wiht the handle in the middle or
The one with the wheel in the middle?
I have never seen either of these up close and would like to know how the mechanics work and if they are any good?
and i dont want to here just stretch on my own that wasnt my question, i have and old hip injury and need that little extra push from time to time
thanks for any help it would be really appreciated

The best one on the market right now is the Pro Force stretcher that Asian World sells. I have three of these and they are all over 6 years old and never had a problem with them.

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