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Why do guys like me find women doing the splits or leg stretching sexy or a turn-on?

by admin on November 21, 2009

I know I’m basically a "leg man". But I still can’t completely understand why seeing girls leg stretching or doing the splits really turn me on. To put things into perspective: place a sexy, pretty naked girl in front of me sexy dancing and then put an equally pretty and sexy non-naked (but baring her legs) doing the splits or leg stretching. I would choose the second as a sexy turn-on
Thanks folks for the answers. Getting pretty close to the reason for my fetish. But about flexibility and sex, just because one is flexible, it does not mean she can give good sex?

If it is about sex, then muscle control would come into the picture and one can exhibit this without being flexible?

But come to think about it, perhaps it is the mere assumption that flexibility means good sex? You tell me?
Much closer now in my quest. Speaking of the bottomline, sex, I greatly prefer the woman on top. So is leg flexibility more of an issue in this position?

The power of the mind is all my friend

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