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what leg warming/stretching excercises do you think are best before running?

by admin on November 21, 2009

I have recently taken up running and because i am absolutley useless and unfit i am following a running for women programme which is very good.

I have been doing what i thought we sufficient stretches before exercising however each time i have completed my running i am in agony for days and can hardly walk. I am wearing good running trainers fastened correctly.

The whole botom part of my legs are hurting around the shin and calf.

Can anyone tell me any good effective stretch exercises or warm ups.

as a general rule for cardio exercise:

warm up > exercise > stretch > cool down

i mainly have problems with my muscles hurting if i dont stretch and cool down after exercise.

heres a recommendation for each step:

warm up – walk around for 5 minutes, pick up the pace so youre walking quickly for another 5 minutes, then start exercising.

exercise – whatever you normally do.

stretching – you need to stretch all the major muscles in your leg and buttocks. here are some stretches that should pretty much cover it:






you should stretch until you feel that any more stretching would do no good.

cool down – walk around for a while, lifting your knees up and shaking your legs and buttocks around a bit.

Leg Stretches

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