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my muscles are reallllly sore after stretching for my right leg splits! should i stretch today? B.A 10 points?

by admin on November 26, 2009

ok so now i just finished stretching and my right leg is soooooooooo sore!
what should i do? should i continue the stretching for today ( coz i stretch twice a day 15 mins each but from tomorrrow i have to stretch 3 times a day 15mins each)

should i stretch again today?

p.s im 13 and have been stretching for a week now, plz help im scared if i pulled/tore a muscle

Firstly: Slow down.

Secondly: Stretching is only useful when muscles are warm. You have to work the muscles you are attempting to stretch, and in the leg area, that means leg muscles.

Thirdly: If it hurts, STOP. The body is dynamic, and things go right and wrong all the time. No need to worry, just give yourself some time.


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