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Leg Stretching Tutorial for high section kicks

by admin on November 20, 2009

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Have you ever wondered how all those people kick so high yet so easily? How did they stretch?

Now i’ll share some of my stretching routine that will surely helps to improve your flexibility. It will take some time before you can do high kicks easily, but it will come :)

The stretch routine on the video will affect:
1. Standing one legged stretch while maintaining balance. Back, side, and front. They will stretch the thigh and groin area.
2. Stretch the lower thigh, knees, and your back.
3. Stretch the lower back and groin area. don’t wanna hurt it in any case :p
4. The toes backward to enhance your ball-of-foot kicking, and leaning back to stretch the abs muscle and thigh muscles.
5. Front thigh muscles and side thigh muscles, the more you lean forward, the more you will stretch it.
6. The world famous split! pinnacle of stretching (not really :p) it will help u to do any kicks and lower your injury rate. make sure you feel the pain while doing this stretch. Push your hips forward and open your leg as wide as you can.
7. The more you lean forward in that position, the more your lower back and lower thigh muscle will stretch. really helpful for downward kick, rising kicks. and of course all other kicks too.
8. This stretch will help you do twisting kicks as it really stretches the groin area.
9. You need higher side kick and turning kick? focus on this stretch!
10. Just kick out your foot slowly, don’t force it, this is also part of stretching.

Things to remember!
1. Hold the stretch at least 30 second
2. Keep the back straight
3. Keep breathing
4. Do it regularly
5. Woman will find stretching easier than man because of their physiological structure, but with regular practice, man can also do that.
6. You don’t need the hundreds dollars stretching equipments in the gym, although it does helps to stretch.
7. Doing it with a partner is always better, and less boring :p

Alright, have fun!

Duration : 0:9:40

Leg Stretches

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