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Leg stretching operations?

by admin on November 27, 2009

I recently had a chat with a friend who has one leg shorter than the other she lives in oz and explained to me she was having an operation to break the leg and in the process of healing it lenthen the leg.
She also explained to me her surgon was instead of the usual metal cage that surrounds the leg with pins going into the bone
(I think thats how it works) was putting a divice inside her leg that can be remotly controled to expand when required, forcing the leg bone to grow as it heals. The amazing part was that he could do this remotly by monitoring the legs growth on his laptop and sending a signal to the divice teling it when to expand and to what degree. I was expalining this to a friend and he doesn’t belive me I now have a £10 bet on this and need evidence this type of technoligy exists.


<>The process is called the intramedullary skeletal kinetic distractor (ISKD) system, and doesn’t even need a remote control…it is self diagnosing, self-correcting, and self-adjusting. Here are a couple sites on it:



You win!

Leg Stretches

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