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Leg stretching operation?

by admin on November 23, 2009

Leg stretching operations?
I recently had a chat with a friend who has one leg shorter than the other she lives in oz and explained to me she was having an operation to break the leg and in the process of healing it lenthen the leg.
She also explained to me her surgon was instead of the usual metal cage that surrounds the leg with pins going into the bone
(I think thats how it works) was putting a divice inside her leg that can be remotly controled to expand when required, forcing the leg bone to grow as it heals. The amazing part was that he could do this remotly by monitoring the legs growth on his laptop and sending a signal to the divice teling it when to expand and to what degree. I was expalining this to a friend and he doesn’t belive me I now have a £10 bet on this and need evidence this type of technoligy exists.


Like many teenage girls, Lu Ying wanted to have longer legs.

But unlike most girls, she did something about it.

Last week, she underwent an operation in which the hard outer part of her leg bone just below the knee was sliced apart and a metal rod was thrust down into the bone.

Four times a day, she uses a wrench to adjust bolts on calipers connected to the rods inserted into both her legs to stimulate growth in the bone marrow and slowly stretch her legs to reach her goal of lengthening them by at least 7 centimeters.

”I didn’t feel very good,” said Lu, an 18-year-old Beijing drama student who is now 1.55 meters tall, in describing the operation carried out with local anesthetic.

”My legs still ache a bit now, but I just think about the future when I will buy long trousers and throw all my clothes away,” she said.

Lu may seem a little obsessed with her appearance, judging by her willingness to go through such a Frankenstein-style operation and knowing her legs will not fully recover for another two years.

She is, however, part of a growing trend in China where people tired of being looked down upon pay 45,000 yuan to 70,000 yuan ($5,435 to $8,454) to have the leg-stretching operation at a Beijing clinic that has become increasingly famous since being featured in local newspapers and fashion magazines.

Lu said she followed the advice of her mother, who read about the operation in a newspaper, to go ahead with it since she needs longer legs if she is to pursue her dream of acting in a television comedy show.

”Our leg-stretching operations have become increasingly popular during the past few years,” said Xia Hetao, head of the bizarrely named Beijing Institute of External Skeleton Fixation Technology, which is affiliated with a military hospital on the capital’s west side.

Recently, the clinic has received many inquiries from overseas and it has already stretched the legs of a number of foreigners, including Japanese, Americans and Canadians, who pay double the Chinese price, Xia, 60, said.

”During the past few years, we have operated on an average of 180 patients a year, and have performed a total of 750 operations since 1990,” he said. ”Anybody can undergo the operation, which is completely safe, but most of our patients are women below the age of 25.”

Women of short stature and delicate constitution, however, should seek less nerve-wracking ways to enhance their beauty as the leg operation is not for the squeamish.

Patients start to slowly screw their legs longer 20 days after the operation, based on a technique said developed in Russia.

The patients’ desired leg lengthening, in most cases about 10 cm, determines the amount of time they hobble around on calipers because 1 cm of growth generally requires one month of daily screwing.

After the patients have reached their desired height, they stop screwing and after about four months the calipers are removed, followed by the removal of the pin from inside the bone six months to a year later.

But they have to resign themselves to a long stretch of not being able to show off their newly lengthened legs by dancing or sashaying about, since rehabilitation requires an extended period of minimum leg movement. An average of two years is required for the legs to completely recover their original strength.

Similar leg-stretching operations are performed in other countries, but generally only to alleviate physical defects.

But only a few of the operations at the Beijing clinic have been for physical disabilities. Patients there are focused mainly on correcting the ”social disabilities” associated with short stature, Xia said.

Size does matter in many of China’s professions, with short people facing discrimination in the selection processes for not only acting and modeling jobs, but also for public servant and restaurant waiting work, he said.

”There is also a psychological factor in people’s desire to be taller,” he said. ”A number of our patients are students preparing to study overseas who don’t want to be looked down on by foreigners.”

Wang Lan, a pretty 20-year-old woman who did not appear to be overly short, said she would undergo the operation later in the year as part of her plan to train to be a hotel manager.

”A manager shouldn’t have to look up at people. Deng Xiaoping was very short, but it didn’t matter because he was a revolutionary, political leader,” said Wang, who is now 1.65 meters tall.

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