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Leg stretching exercises ?

by admin on October 8, 2010

What is the best stretching type because I’ve heard of ballistic/dynamic? :| What is the best one or the best exercises? Especially for legs,because I will start kickboxing and I would like to work the leg flexibility

I do MMA and kickboxing and that sort of stuff and i’m really good with flexibility. I usually do all the basic stretches ( Butterfly stretch, split, side splits, touch the toes, etc.) If you can not do splits just try your best eventually you will be able too. Also if you have like a half wall you can grab on to that and hold up a kick with good form for about a minute as high as you can go, if you don’t feel this one your defiantly doing it wrong cause this one should hurt, it builds allot of muscle. You can do 100 kicks in a row and a very fast pace (make sure the kicks are as high and in your best form) in a neutral stance with your guard up this is a good cardiovascular workout and it strengthens and flexes your legs. I hope this helps you can always find more things online and even when your just watching T.V. or something you can always stretch.

Leg Stretches

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