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is a very distinguished burning sensation in my leg tendon normal whilst stretching?

by admin on November 22, 2009

im learning to split, when i lower my waist in the front split position, once i get so low, i feel like someones holding a lighter under my crotch (where a tendon is i think) and it doesnt feel like stretching or pulling but just plain burning =s.

is this a normal sensation? i quickly get out of it since im not sure if its bad or not. maybe im pushing to fast too soon?

It’s normal to feel a stretch and burn. Each person’s tolerance to the feeling is different. Just make sure that nobody else is pushing you into the split position. That is a big ‘no,no’. If the burning is too much to you, try to back off the position a little until you feel the stretch but aren’t as uncomfortable.

Good luck.

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