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in the night im getting pains in my legs in the night as if someone is pulling/stretching my leg really hard??

by admin on October 29, 2009

people say its a growing pain and it hurts so much that i wanna take a pain killer but apparently then u stop growing??? please help im a bit confused..btrw im 16

My son sufferers the same thing. He has for many years every few months. He is usually crying it get’s that bad. I felt and still do, feel so bad for him. So i know and understand how much it must hurt you also.
My son is only 12 though and very tall.
At my wits end I went to the Chemist to find something that was NOT a drug to ease his pain. She recommended CrampEze. It contains all natural products that our bodies produce. That night he took one half and hour before bed and his cramps eased and he was able to sleep all night.
He still continues to take one pill a night whenever his legs hurt.
It takes about 30 minutes for it to work. And it really does an excellant job.
You can get this product at the chemist, supermarket or health food store.
It is not expensive either.
It’s really worth a try.

And taking something to ease your pain will NOT stop you from growing. That is a myth.
Pain killers work on the pain receptors in the brain to block pain NOT by stopping what is causing the pain. So if you need to take a pain killer that is OK.

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