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If our abs triceps and leg muscles are strong will it hurt if I do stretching exercises?

by admin on November 24, 2009

Im 14 years old. I wanna get more flexible by doing stretching exercises. Im a beginner starting to do stretching so that I can participate in doing hurdles for track and field.

As I get more flexible, is it good to strengthen some of my muscles because I am a bit weak but a bit strong . When I do stretching exercises is it normal for some muscle parts like my abs and hamstrings hurt?

Definatley normal for abs and hamstrings to hurt during stretching. Especially if you have been working them alot. They are probably tight and the best thing you can do for them is stretch! Its the best way in sports to prevent injuries! Just make sure you listen to your body. You dont want to over do it and hyper-extend anything which could result in strains and sprains. But tightness, like I said is perfectly normal. Anything unbearable, obviously would be your body telling you to chill out and slow down. But always stretch before AND after jumping those hurdles and stay hydrated and you will benefit yourself greatly!

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