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How to grow taller

by admin on October 11, 2010

I’ve grown an inch and a quarter since I last measured myself? At age 45? Is it the goat’s milk?

From an article I just read:
“Another method that you can use to grow taller is exercises such as uphill sprints or squats that will work some of the bigger muscle groups. Working these muscle groups in short duration at a high intensity will no doubt facilitate the growth process.”

I have been doing squats and sprints, so maybe that’s part of the answer.

From another article:
“include plenty of protein and carbohydrate supplements in your diet before and after exercises. This will ensure that you have the right body with the best looks. Including large quantities of milk and seafood in your diet can help you a lot because; it gives your body the best way to balance the exercises.”

I’ve been doing these, too.

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Leg Stretches

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