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How do you get rid of the pain from stretching your legs?

by admin on November 27, 2009

I have dance auditions and we have to do a lot of stretching. Tomorrow is the last day of the audition when we show the judges our routine. The problem is, my legs are sooo sore from all the dancing that It hurts to even walk! What can I do to get rid of the pain from stretching? I can’t stop stretching because we are dancing in front of judges tomorrow!

You need some advice from a physiotherapist.

If you feel excrutiating pain, you should not dance tomorrow. No matter how important your dance is, your body takes the priority over the dance.

You could be up for serious injury, if you go through any rigid dance routine. Tomorrow is too early, and you need to get some therapy. Let your doctor recommend you to one. A massage therapy is also an excellent idea. Pain just do not vanish like this. If there is an underlying (other problems) you need to even be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon or consultant.

Quit that dance routine, stretching could put you in more trouble, more severe aches and pains. Do not take any pain medication, if your pain is excrutiating, see your doctor first.

Usually people who begin certain regimen of exercise, like you, dancing, the first time there is muscle aches.

As I say, with good recommendation, do not go through the rigors of a dance routine tomorrow.

Take a choice here: is it you feeling the pain and can be worse, or, dance routine that can make you end up worst?

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