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Dynamic Flexibility Warm Up – Prone Leg Swings Stretch

by admin on December 5, 2009


Personal Trainer Mike Behnken, CSCS

Dynamic flexibility is a great addition to any warm-up regimen.

Generally you should perform your general warm up first, by getting your heart rate by moving your large muscle groups (cardio).

This prone (face down) dynamic range of motion may get your heart rate depending on your level of training.

It is best used with the supine leg swing, opposite arm & leg raise.

20-30 reps should get you ready for exercise.

Be very careful about your lower back. If you jerk your legs around like a fish out of water the first time you do these, you put your lower back at risk.

Slowly, under control move your legs through the range of motion and try to increase each time.

These are tremendous for stretching your lower back, hip flexors and abdominals.

You may have muscle imbalances that you don’t know about, check out this information to prevent injury, and help your training get the results you want.


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Leg Stretches

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