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could anyone advise me on a good leg stretching technique?

by admin on November 21, 2009

Hi, i have my grading on tuesday night and i have been training hard all week with no problems until i was doing cartwheels with my niece last night (i know i am am nearly thirty! lol) and today my right leg is so tight i can barely kick
i am starting to panic abit now as i never graded last time and have put so much effort into training at extra sessions and working hard at home so hopefully receive my purple belt,
has anyone got any advice for me thanks.

Hi there

First thing is to make sure there is no serious muscle damage to your legs. If you still have good mobility then chances are you may have slightly pulled the ligaments a little more than they are used to.

My advice would be to take as many warm baths as possible. After which massage the calf and thigh muscles repeatedly. Follow this with some basic joint movement exercises to help open up your hips, ankle and knees.

I have been doing the box splits for over 10 years now and I’m also in my 30′s. For maximum flexibility you need flexible hamstrings and the associated muscles that support your hips. I only use 3 stretching exercises. The first one is sit in the lotus position and push your knees to the floor. This exercise helps you to free your hip joints. The second one is to bend down and touch your toes. It can also be done seated. This stretches your hamstrings and increases the flexibility of your spine. The last one is to just do the splits and repeat the exercise holding it a little longer each time.

Combine these with relaxed breathing as this helps relax your muscles tenfold.

The real key to having great flexibility is to stretch every day for 5 mins. Once you are into a routine it will only take you a couple of months until you can do the splits.

Stretching should never be painful only uncomfortable. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor just to be sure there is no serious damage.

Oh and drink lots of water. It’s vital in the development and repair of muscles and joints.

Best wishes


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